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Betting Strategies

Betting for a career: Never have a number

What if I started over?

Middling: What’s the point worth?

Adverse selection: What to consider before placing a bet

Using the closing line to test your skill in betting

What can sports bettors learn from economic bubbles?

Using push and pull spots in betting

Should you stop thinking about bankroll management?

A comparison of level and percentage staking

The power of “if-then” in betting

Beating the market: Is it possible to be a profitable bettor?

Betting odds explained: How to calculate odds

How handicapping into buckets can help with betting

The hot hand just got hotter

The Pareto Principle applied to betting

What is the Fibonacci betting system?

Using the Monte Carlo method to analyse your betting history

Understanding and managing your risks of ruin

Using bookmaker margins to spot influential line moves

Bankroll management: Odds, edge and variance

Home field advantage analysed

What can closing odds tell us about profit expectation?

Does intuition have a place in sports betting?

Revisiting the Kelly Criterion Part 2: Fractional Kelly

Revisiting the Kelly Criterion Part 1: A risk assessment

Exploiting the hot hand fallacy in a soccer betting market

Applying opportunity cost to sports betting

How often do professional bettors get paid?

Part two: Is there a magical betting formula?

How to calculate Expected Value

What are the most common mistakes sports bettors make?

Part one: Is there a magical betting formula?

How to choose a staking method based on your betting profile

How to bet on newly promoted teams

All you need to know to beat the bookies

How to test the credibility of a tipster’s record

Why information is more valuable than soccer betting tips

What is survivorship bias?

The search for truth: Signal vs. noise

The law of small numbers in sports betting

The ultimate guide to evaluating betting tipsters

Arbitrage betting explained

Staking: One method to improve your betting

How Pinnacle’s API can improve your betting

Betting exchanges explained

The role of utility in profitable betting

How to beat the bookies in the Over/Under market

Why do bookmakers close or limit betting accounts

A guide to hedging outright markets in sports betting

How to calculate margins on soccer betting odds

Understanding the significance of market movement

The need for a Bayesian approach in betting

How to use Kelly Criterion for betting

Soccer handicap betting explained

Why free bets are not free

Why are betting tipsters underperforming

The ultimate guide on backing outsiders

How bookmakers make money: an inside look in the trading room

The importance of evaluating your performance against the closing line

Understanding bet types in tennis

Leicester’s success story: Skill or luck?

Applying Elo ratings to soccer betting

Past performance is not an indicator of future results

Randomness in sports betting

The most jaw-dropping statistic every bettor should know

The pitfalls of Martingale money management strategy

What is the Labouchere betting system

Using quantitative methods to examine effects of small sample

Using Pythagorean expectation for soccer betting

Using ‘R’ for betting analysis

What do betting odds represent

Using Chi-Square to make more informed betting decisions

How to spot errors and inaccuracies in prediction models

How do I calculate betting margins

How does luck influence short term betting

How to build a betting model

Using Standard Deviation to compare scoring patterns

Using standard deviation to measure betting probabilities

An example of how to build a betting model

Sports betting profitability and the affect of margins

Mean, mode and median crucial concepts for betting

A powerful tool to beat the betting market

Using a Monte Carlo model to predict sports

How to calculate Draw No Bet from 1X2 odds

What home set-up is best for in-play betting

Why use 1X2 market to place bets as Double Chance

Bayesian analysis and sports betting

Alternative to laying on Exchanges

How to calculate commission-free odds

Measuring Expected Value

The Pareto Principle of Prediction

Is the Fibonacci betting system profitable

Advanced betting types explained

How to get an edge in betting

How weather influences betting

How do free bets work

How to select a betting tipster using survivorship bias

Calculating Expected Value for sports betting

Basic bet types explained

Explaining how bookmakers work with a coin

1X2 to Handicap odds conversion

Betting Psychology

Walking back betting markets

The hindsight bias effect in sports betting

Why patience is an essential trait for any serious bettor

Betting psychology: A crash course for aspiring professional bettors

Why do we gamble? Irrationality and overconfidence

Applying behavioural economics in sports betting

The Gambler’s Fallacy & law of large numbers

Optimism bias in betting

Are winning streaks in sports betting real?

Predictive skills – Are you a Fox or Hedgehog?

Wisdom of the Crowds applied to betting: can it effect a sports betting prediction?

The difference between sports and sports betting

How confirmation bias affects your betting

Why players perform better when they’€™re losing

Are winning streaks caused by great skill or good luck?

Understanding the Halo Effect

The dangers of weighting probability from intuition

Guarding against the dangers of superstition

The Monty Hall Problem: knowing when the odds are against you

Why bettors should understand heuristics

Educational Articles

Why is Pinnacle arbitrage friendly?

Are you serious about betting?

Why you need to look at betting market data in more detail

The maths and psychology of free bets

Who is responsible for the favourite-longshot bias?

Flip a house, make a bet: Real estate vs. betting

Sports betting explained: How to bet on sports

How to model your range of possible betting returns

Revisiting randomness in betting

Cash Out betting: What should bettors know about Cash Out?

Do you know how difficult betting is?

How to solve a problem like efficiency: Part two

How to solve a problem like efficiency: Part one

What are drawdowns and how do you manage them?

Why it’s important to think about the future of betting

Why bettors need to learn how to lose

Good and back luck: The thin line of expectation

Fractional odds vs. Decimal odds

A case study: Why aren’t bettors allowed to win?

Who offers better value: A bookmaker or betting exchange?

How much is a free bet really worth?

What is a value bet?

The art of multiple betting

The value of asymmetric information in sports betting

The basics of reverse line movement

How quickly can you learn a skill?

The problem with data mining in sports betting

The nature of uncertainty in betting

What can you learn about betting in the classroom?

How often do you need to beat the closing line?

The difference in handicap betting in different sports

Assessing betting skill: Bayesian vs. Frequentist methods

Visualising a bet: What does a betting edge look like?

The pitfalls of sports betting systems: Correlation vs. Causation

Becoming a profitable bettor: A question of luck or skill

How to make predictions with no data

Is R the betting analysis tool of the future?

Soccermatics: Mathematical modelling applied to soccer

Arbitrage vs. Value Betting – Exposing misconceptions

4 betting lessons from Sir Alex Ferguson

Surviving in the shark tank

Inside a sports hedge fund

The history of lotteries

The effect of the tournament format on the odds

How to calculate profits with different odds formats

An inside look into where the majority of bets are placed

How do betting odds work

Profitable betting: From chance to choice

How to convert between Decimal & American odds

Three careers ideally suited for betting