How Pinnacle’s API can improve your betting

Pinnacle is renowned for offering great value and unbeatable odds. Additionally, there is another equally important, but lesser known free service we provide that offers bettors a potentially huge advantage – a betting API. Read on to find out the benefits of using a betting API and how to do it.


What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. That title doesn’t help much in explaining what an API is or does. In essence an API is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a web-based software or web tool – think of it as having your own tailor made betting app.

As an example, has an API that allows third-party websites to post automatically updating prices of Amazon products. APIs power all apps on your smartphone by pulling in relevant data whether for train times, flight details or product pricing, which are then presented in a clear and simple interface.

In the world of gambling, a betting API can be used to create automated betting systems or custom betting interfaces, so that you could bet with Pinnacle without ever actually visiting

Why use an API?


One of the most significant reasons bettors would use our betting API is that it enables bets to be placed much faster than through the website.

With odds changing so quickly, speed of bet placement can be the difference between profit and loss for serious bettors, especially when betting live in-play.


Successful betting requires serious multi-tasking, with consideration of multiple factors on the fly - odds comparison, liquidity, stake calculation, current score and remaining game time.

An API enables you to build a model that will crunch these numbers and automatically bet without you even needing to be sat at your computer or holding your smartphone.

How to get started

If you are technically proficient, the best way to set up a betting API is to code one yourself. We have an API manual that will help get you started. Given that your bankroll will effectively be in the hands of a betting robot, this should be done with careful consideration.

With odds changing so quickly, speed of bet placement can be the difference between profit and loss for serious bettors.

With the demands and potential risks apparent, many serious bettors hire a professional coder to do the job for them. The end product would include an easily manageable interface, and reporting functionality to ensure the bettor is relatively self-sufficient going forward.

There are also off-the-shelf products that enable API betting, but these should be carefully researched before investing, as many are subscription based and may reduce potential profits.

A good start point for anyone interested in API betting would be to find bettors already using an API through respected betting forums or Twitter, though the usual caveats about trusting unverified sources applies.

This is what an existing betting API user had to say:

“Setting up an API you have paid for is really simple, whereas making one from scratch is much more difficult but will save you money in the long run. All API software allows you to design it to your own specific needs.

People moan about the management but it depends on your own personal approach. Some bettors trade for hours manually, while others invest initial time analysing the data, before setting up automated strategies.

A major advantage is the ability to load multiple markets all in one place automatically, meaning you can keep an eye on a lot of events, something vital for serious bettors.

It’s fundamental to do your homework. After all, paying for this will eat into your initial bankroll, but get it right and it will pay dividends in the long-run.”

Who uses APIs?

Given the investment of time and money required to start, betting through our API is largely the domain of bettors who are deriving their primary income from betting. Additionally, any betting service that presents Pinnacle’s odds, such as odds comparison or arbitrage engines, will also be using our API feed.

That being said, access to the Pinnacle’s betting API is free so there is nothing stopping any level of bettor enjoying the significant benefits the service offers. Head to our dedicated API manual and take your betting to the next level.

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