Sport.Guru Review


Year established: 2017

Mobile compatible: Yes

Jurisdiction: Malta

Overall rating: C

Recommended: For recreational players

Sport.Guru Review

For a long time, the popular online manager game, fantasy sports, was only accessible to fans in the US. This is now changing thanks to Sport.Guru coming to Germany as the first daily fantasy sports operator, focusing its sights on European football! Sport.Guru was born to show the world that sports fans and fanatics around the globe have one thing in common – we are all managers and coaches and we can do it better than the pros. Put your strategy to the test and let YOUR dream team win big!

Fantasy sports are the latest trend in iGaming and sports entertainment. American Football fans in the US have been playing fantasy sports for a few years with prize pools growing above a quarter million and even $1 Million. Sport.Guru is finally bringing fantasy sports for European Football to you and thousands of other fans! In fantasy sports contests, you create a team of real players who you think will perform best. Choose players from professional teams. Their real-life performance earns you points (for example: goals scored, assists, saves, etc.) If your fantasy team earns the most points in the contest, you are the winner! Contests are played daily or for the length of a matchday.


What began in the early 1970s as a pastime for the sport of American Football reached its climax in the past decade and became an online mass phenomenon in the USA. According to a survey by the US branch association FSTA, more than 56 million people in the US and Canada have been enthusiastic about the online strategy game fantasy sports in recent years.


Fantasy sports appeals to those hardcore sports fans and “wannabe referees” who are never on the pitch themselves, but often know more than the coach of their favorite club. Here everyone can pursue their passion for football and slip into the role of a club manager without ever having a coaching license.

How to play

The game principle is simple and quick to learn: choose a contest, draft a team of football professionals and hope that your choice of players nets the best result. The winner of the contest is not decided by chance, but by the performance of the professional footballers on the respective match day in real sporting events. Every goal, every successful assist, every converted penalty, every save of the keeper in the football game, enters the player statistics database, which is the core of the great fantasy sports machinery.

Sport.Guru Mission

Sport.Guru cultivates this game format and offers all sports enthusiasts and football fans the opportunity to participate in exciting online contests. Through regular daily competitions, the fantasy game takes on a whole new dynamic and increases the entertainment value in the long run. Whether it’s a closed contest with co-workers or a quick match among friends, at Sport.Guru everyone who enjoys fantasy sports can join in.

Sport.Guru brings you new and exciting games where your sports expertise gives you an edge over the competition. Excitement, entertainment, bragging rights, and last but not least real cash prizes await! You can enter free contests for fun or raise the stakes and put your money where your mouth is.

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