Football Index Review

Year established: 2015

Mobile compatible: Yes

Jurisdiction: United Kingdom

Overall rating: C-

Recommended: For recreational and professional players (Stockmarket Game)

Football Index Review

Football Index is a real money virtual stockmarket licensed and regulated by the Jersey Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. This is a betting platform and should not be viewed as an investment vehicle.

Think of Football Index like the traditional stock market - only you’re Buying and Selling shares in footballers, not businesses. Traders bet real money and aim to buy low and sell high, whilst winning Dividends along the way.

A player you’ve never heard of picks the ball up on the halfway line. He goes past one, then another, and curls the ball into the top corner. He’s the next big thing, you’re sure of it. Now, how can you make a bit of cash on your prediction?

Football Index replicates the traditional stock market. Place bets to buy Shares in players you think will perform well in the future and, hopefully, their value will rise and you’ll be able to sell at a profit. Buying a Share is making a bet on the player’s future success.

You decide to buy Shares in your new find. In his next fixture, he scores and sets one up. He wins you Dividends: daily payouts when players perform well on the pitch. His performance is written about in the press, and you win Media Dividends for the positive headlines written about your star man.

What are Dividends?

Daily payouts that can win on your Football Index bets. Goalscorers, playmakers, media magnets, assist kings, clean sheet keepers - they’re all in line for daily wins.

Buying Shares on Football Index

Buying Shares on the Index is actually placing a bet on the success of a footballer. If a player plays well, scores goals, gets assists or hits the headlines, their value is more likely to rise. Then you can Sell to make a profit.

There are two ways to Buys Shares on Football Index:

1. Buy Now

Click Buy and you’ll be able to choose whether to Buy or Bid on a player. Buying Now purchases them at Market Buy Price - which is driven by demand. The more Traders Buying Shares in a specific player, the higher his Market Buy Price will rise.

You can Buy up to 300 Shares in one transaction. As long as you’ve got the funds in your account, you can select the number of Shares you want, hit Buy and they’ll be dropped into your portfolio. You’re now the proud owner of a few more Shares.

2. Placing a Bid

The Bids Engine lets Traders place Bids on the Shares they want to Buy. Simple. Rather than accepting the prices displayed on the platform, you can set a maximum limit on how much you want to purchase a share for (Bid). Just choose the Bid option to Bid on a player.

The Bid Zone

Each footballer will have a minimum price for which you can place a Bid. This will vary for each footballer, and will initially be around 60% of the Buy Now price. There will also be a maximum price for the Bid which is one penny below the Buy Now price at the time of placing the Bid. The price range that you can place a Bid on is known as the Bid Zone. You won’t be able to place Bids outside the Bid Zone.

Selling Shares on Football Index

They say Sir Alex Ferguson always knew the right time to sell players. The best Football Index Traders have followed in Fergie’s footsteps and mastered the art of when and how to Sell.

Think it’s the right time to Sell? Click through to you Portfolio and click the red Sell button. You’ll be given two options on how to Sell your Shares - adding them to the Sell Queue or through Instant Sell.

Sell Price

Sometimes, you won’t see a price in the Sell button for certain players. This happens when footballers don’t have any Bids placed on them, so no Instant Sell price is generated. You can still add these players to the Sell Queue.

What are the ways to win?

Capital Appreciation - Buy low, sell high

Scouted a hidden gem? Think a player’s on the brink of a goal-scoring run? Maybe it’s time to place a bet on Football Index and Buy.

Once your Portfolio holds a few footballers, if you’ve chosen wisely you’ll hopefully see them rise in price. Price rises are driven by demand (the more Traders Buying, the higher the price goes) so it pays to be ahead of the curve. If your Shares rise in value, you can sell them to make a profit. This is cashing in your bet.

Dividends - Daily payouts

Our daily payouts are known as Dividends. If your players perform on the pitch or in the media, you’re in with a chance of winning payouts from your bet.

We pay out on three different types: Media Dividends, Match Day Dividends and In-Play Dividends. Pick the right players and you’ll be winning Dividends in no time.

How are player prices calculated?

Player prices are driven by demand. The value of business shares on the traditional stock market tends to rise when companies perform well. When footballers perform on the pitch or in the media - there’s more chance that they’ll win Dividends. This tends to be when Traders Buy, and the more Traders that Buy, the higher prices rise.



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